Welcome to BerryBurchett.net, my home on the information Super Highway. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by for a visit! I have many different interest, and this website is host to all of them. The table is the best way to move around while you’re here. My website is broken down into two main sections.  Though I hope to add more as I can.

Down on Pokat Creek– Are the fictional tales I write from the point of view of a 75 year old gentlemen named Sammual P. Leadbottom and his family. as well as a host of other characters living out their lives on the creek. You never know what might happen down on Pokat Creek!!! So be ready for Rib Tickling, down home good time!!

The Dusty Descendant– Is my genealogy section. I always loved history. I believe, that knowing our ancestors as well as our family history, keeps our generations alive! There’s nothing like finding out just who that person is in the picture that’s been tucked in the back of the family album for years. So go exploring with me and who knows, maybe something will cause you to want to look into your own family history.