A Camping We will Go

Dear Journal,

The start of the summer camping season is upon us a fair piece. And I’ll tell ya I been itching to get out in God’s green country. Thought I’d share with ya’ll my pride a joy, my home away from home.


Now I reckon some folks calls it a camper or a motorhome. We just call it putting the cabin on the old truck.

Harvey Spencer offered us 800.00 for our lot of land the other day cause with the cabin gone he thought we was a movin. I just told him naw, we was going on a little get away. I did do some mighty fine work on her though, if I do say so myself. I added the back porch this year and even mama’s wash tub. She says it’s too cramped for a body to do all the warshin inside. This way, she can enjoy the fresh air.

Grandpa says he’s  going bar huntin this time. He fancies himself quite the sportsman, since he shot that bar in the back yard last year. None of us had the heart to tell him it was Gladys Short’s big black dog! Poor Gladys still walks around the yard every evening hollerin here Blackie.

Grandma says the only bar grandpa ever hunted for was Elmer’s Wet your Whistle Pub. Grandpa says he’ll show her when she’s wearing that things skin round her big bosoms. Them was the last words he said that night though. Granny knocked him out colder than a well diggers hind parts ha ha!!!


Reckon that’s enough Jawing for now. See ya on the open road!!!