A New Year New Excitement

Dear Journal,

A new Year has started here on the old homestead. All the cousins, In-Laws, Aunts, Uncles, and yep even a few Out-Laws have all parted ways and gone home. Things sure is quite round here.

Everything is gettin back to normal. We took the red paint off the old Bulldog’s nose. And we put all the light bulbs back in all the sockets. We stored all of Granny’s homemade Christmas punch in mason jars. It’ll taste better next year after it has a chance to ferment hehehe…

No body round here hates to see Christmas go more than old Butch Braxton. That poor man has been struck by lightning 76 times and lives to tell the tale. He stutters a little fair bit though, so takes him some time to tell it.

Every year we string some popcorn round Butch and put a light bulb in his mouth and ears and use him for the community Christmas tree. The kids get a real kick outa seein how fast they can pull the icicles off his nose. It’s a sight!!

But New Year’s Eve brought some excitement! Granny drunk  too much punch, and when she danced her annual Cancan number down at the VA retirement home she came back with a tattoo of a anchor on her right shoulder. And a bunch of phone numbers wrote on a roll of toilet paper.

Granny’s hollerin for me to come dial another number…Poor Thang.

See ya’ll later Happy New Year to ya