Christmas Exposure

Dear Journal,


It’s Christmas time again on the creek. Sure has been an odd one though, First, it’s been unseasonably warm. Been making a lot of the folks round here sick. Cause one day it’s very warm, next, it’s colder than a well diggers backend! Folks has been wearing their summer clothes.


Yesterday I saw old Mrs. Carolson out in the yard wearing nothing but her bathing suit! Good Lord knows that’s enough to turn a body every which way but Christmas! She had more stuff a hanging than a well decorated Christmas tree! No kidding.


Grandma is in the kitchen again with the big recipe book. And she’s making her famous Christmas punch. We got 16 jars of that stuff fermenting…uh…aging well in the cellar. Granny says a body can never have too much! Through the year, she uses that stuff for everything from making a sick baby well to gassing up the truck when money’s tight.


Me and Pa hung the Christmas lights. And I must say, they do look pretty good! except for one little mistake all went well. This year we put Grandpa in charge of making a welcome sign for Santa. Later that night, after dark, we took the family out to look at the lights. While we was a lookin we noticed something movin round the chimney. Pa thought it was Santy Claus come early. So he went and got in bed so as to make sure he got his presents. But it weren’t Santy. It was Grandpa! And Lo the words that was a comin out of his mouth!! Come to find out he’d sliped off the roof and got caught by his underwear! Bless his soul. He’d been up there all evening suspended by his unmentionables. Now he says thanks to the exposure he suffered he’ll probably be sick in bed on Christmas. But I don’t think so, Granny will give some of her potent punch and he’ll big right as rain.

Many Happy Christmas Greetings to ya from the Leadbottoms and May the Good Lord bless ya this New Year!!