Mud Bath for Mamma

Dear Journal,

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost Mother’s Day. And I’m again left to ponder on what to get for Ma. I thought on repapering the Out House but we ain’t got enough Sears catalogs to do that with, just yet. I think they must’ve started to using a new kind of ink in them catalogs. On count of now when you go to use them for your necessary business, leaves kind of a rash on your hind quarters!

So we’ve stopped using them for that, and switched to the local news instead. So I guess the papering will have to wait.

Ole Bud Finch has got some piglets outa his prize sow, Molly. She took the blue ribbon at The County Fair for fattest. Ole Albert Potter told Grandpa if he’d known you could’ve got a Ribbon for that he’d have entered his wife!

Don’t know Momma’s a getting kind of old now. I might make her one of them there wigs. Hear tell though, all the womenfolk in the big cities like to go to what they call a spa and take one of them mud baths.

Guess a feller could dig a hole in the backyard fill it with some water and give Ma a spa mud bath. I think she might like herself one of them. Yes sir, I sure do thank you folks for helping to come up with That one!

I’ll be sure and tell her now of the part you all played in her a getting her Mother’s Day present. Well gotta go…

Pa, hook up the hose. We got ourselves a mud bath to build!!