welcome one and all to Pokat Creek. Found in the county of Willer Junction Kentucky. Me and all my kinfolks have been living on this here creek since the day I was born.Which is I think, neigh on 74 years. Oh, guess we better be a making our acquaintances. we’re the Leadbottoms. My front name is Samuel. I’ve been blessed to live on this one patch of God’s earth all my life. they is also my Ma and Pa, Benton and Clarie Paxton Leadbottom and also my Granny and Grandpa Justice and Carlotta (Jus and Carlie). They’re Mama’s parents, and both are over 100. They were born on the same day two years apart. Granny says she guesses she was just stuck with the old man. now to the point of why you’re here. I write in my journal as much as possible. If you’d like to share in the goings-on I pen down. click the journal below.