Welcome to The Dusty Descendant. We’ve all seen those pictures, maybe in our Grandparents attic or a long-forgotten family photo album. Those people with the nameless faces that look a lot like us. Maybe, they’ve got daddy’s nose or mommy’s smile. But no one knows who they are exactly. The Dusty Descendant was created to help with that.

My mother (Sherry) started in genealogy in the early 80s. It was supposed to be a one-time project to uncover some of the history of the church we attended. That project, has led to a life-long obsession that now includes me (Berry!)

Our hope is to help you in tracing your roots in Lawrence County Kentucky and surrounding areas. The ultimate goal is putting names to the faces of your dusty descendants.  Enjoy the site and check back often for updates.


The above photo of Sherry & Berry Burchett was taken at The Fred M. Vinson House in Louisa Ky 2016