Thanksgiving Again


Dear Journal,

It’s Hard to believe it’s already November on the creek again. It’s been oddly warm. Weather Man on the Radio says it’s something called Indian summer. So Grandma and Ma made me and Pa set up a T.P. in the front yard to make our native friends feel more at home. I tried to tell them Indians don’t live in T.Ps no more. But once they get something in their head there’s no stopping them till it finds its way out.

Grandpa says we’d better be getting out the long-Johns cause he said he remembered in 35 when Sam Sneed from up on Tater Patch Hill saw on one of them National Geographic specials, after he got his set of rabbit ears, and he saw where that you can do a snow dance and it will cause it to snow. Grandpa said Sam and the Good Lord must be on real good terms. Cause he said it snowed for forty days and forty nights. Grandma said he was a mixin up his Bible Stories. But Grandpa says confound it women, we aint on Noah’s ark. Sides, it was way too cold to rain!

Ma and Grandma will soon be cooking up our traditional fest. With one thing different this year, the turkey! Walt Peters down at the General Store done got him in a load of frozen turkey this year. And since being no one round the old homestead has cooked up one of them before We are gonna try it. No soul can stand in the way of progress I guess.

So being as there aren’t gonna be any hunting this year what’s a body to do? Guess I’ll settle in and relax and as they say in the outhouse magazines, I’ll take in the sights and smells of the season.

Just heard another weather bulletin, Says Damp & Cold. I sure hope Sam won’t be a Snow Dancin this year.

See y’all and hope you have a hog-eyed Thanksgiving!