Dear Journal Merry Christmas to ya,

It’s starting to look a whole lot like Christmas here on the creek. As I told ya last time, we sure did enjoy that ole turkey! I took the old lot down yesterday, it just looks so lonesome out there with nothing in it.

We painted all the bulls round these parts noses red the other day. That helps get everybody round here in the Christmas spirit! We tried to decorate the outhouse with some Christmas Lights. But that never turned out to good, we didn’t know it was occupied!! Poor ole grandpa didn’t know what was  going on. I feel bad for him now. See, the reason he was in there, he was a trying to paint grandma’s new set of store bought teeth to match the gaps in the teeth she’s missing now.

Said he didn’t want folks round here not knowing who she was. Folks round here get pretty tore up when they see somebody they don’t know on the creek, starts a body to thinking it’s them revenuers or the tax man. We don’t take kindly to them types!

But it’s the good Lord’s Birthday so we are supposed to remember him. And have a good Christmas with all the creatures, even revenuers and tax men!

Have you a good Christmas Happy New year too from the Leadbottoms!!